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MAKEOUT is a branding agency, specialized in strategy and design thinking. Our hearts pound out of our chests at the prospect of creating durable brands that radiate real personality. Brand identities that go further than a logo. Brand identities that reflect the brand’s soul and externalise what it stands for.

We create assets for our clients by facilitating them in acquiring share of heart and building long-term relationships with their clients.

Branding, Photography, Campaign, Fashion & Lifestyle
Corporate & Rebranding

We aim for lasting and trusting relationships with every single one of our clients. We believe that we are in this together all the way. We know that we can make brands better, stronger and more performant through emotional intelligence, empathy and accurate, razor-sharp design. We like to challenge ourselves and our clients to valorise any project to its maximum, regardless of what service or product the brand offers.

Event Branding
Branding, Photography, Retail & Lifestyle

Our approach is always restrained, profound and well-considered, to make sure every brand develops into its best possible shape.

We’re the wingmate to your next date.

Makeout team

Vincent Janssen

Strategy Director & Partner

Stijn Hens

Creative Director & Partner


To create a brand that continues advocating its own belief, breaths what it stands for in every single communication touchpoint, and help to extend its intimate relationship we have partnered up with advertising experts FAITH. Together we convert mere consumers into true brand disciples.

Kissing is the language of love…

so how about a conversation?