• CLIENT: Faros
  • PROJECT: Corporate Branding
  • WEBDEVELOPMENT: Lunar Gravity

Faros is a major IT player. Providing integrated solutions for different types of companies all over the globe, the Faros team is a blend of well-achieved seniors and ambitious graduates working together as a close-knit outfit. They present themselves as problem solvers, creating lean applications and IT integration for businesses.
Regrettably, the brand values and the brand identity didn’t match their visual identity, thus alienating high potentials as well as prospects.

Don’t ditch the lighthouse

Over the years, Faros’ archetypical lighthouse had become a familiar and trusted symbol.
A nostalgic benchmark of certainty. At the same time, to people who were nòt familiar with it, the icon felt distracting and confusing more than anything else, and it was often misinterpreted.

We képt what felt reassuring and we cut away what was obsolete, in order to keep the brand relevant and attractive to high potentials.

The beacon now, in its new version, symbolizes, more than ever, guidance and leadership. We updated the brand characteristics and added a new dynamic and a sense of urgency by making the beacon visually move.